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8 Responses to Welcome to amDIG

  1. David Ryland says:

    Well, I must apologise here and now, because I am guilty of joining in on ‘off topic’ discussions. I try not to, but it is my nature to be that way. I will try harder in future not to digress. I do find the dscussions interesting and if it gets away from my interests, such as into Macs, I just delete it. No big problem.

    What is important about this forum, is that those who contribute are knowledgeable and that is valuable to us all, so keep it going please.

  2. Phil Hack says:

    Many grey areas here I feel. I have been a member of Amdig for about 4/5 years and have appreciated much of the comment.
    The technical issues do not bother me – easy to delete, but do become a bit tiresome when they drag on infinitum.
    I recently posted a query regarding the Xrite colour checker and Simon Taylor responded. I have this amazing device on my desk called a telephone and had quite a long and helpful chat with Simon resulting in the purchase of an Xrite. The actual discussion would have probably bored most people stiff if carried out on the Amdig forum.
    I am president of the local camera club and produce a weekly members newsletter. Tony’s recent item on Adobe was included in the newsletter which went out to 60+ members. Many of them were very grateful for the information.
    I’m about to post a query regarding photographing fine art which will apply to photographing many other subjects as well. At the back of my mind is the concern whether this is now a suitable article for Amdig. The good thing is I’m old enough not to be too bothered.
    Yes! I would be sad to see the loss of the site. Let’s see if common sense will prevail.

  3. George Backshall says:

    I find too many of the postings quite irrelevant to the core aim of the group – which is digital imaging and surely postings should be the end of the investigation chain having exhusted the usual Google and Software Help facilities.
    Since I use a filter in Outlook to move the mail to an ‘Amdig’ folder, 99% of Amdig mail is deleted without even reading.
    I’m fed up with the dialogues about the cost of printer inks, continuous ink systems and the price structure of Adobe Systems and the like – as if Adobe read them or would take any notice. Or come to that threads about hardware, operating systems and core software should be off limits unless relevant to digital imaging. Also the group is not a sounding post to vent feelings.
    To rely on the moderator to terminate threads pre-supposes he is sitting there all day for that purpose. Hence I find is unsurprising that members are walking out of the group with their feet since some posts get quite tedious unless you are one of the few doing the posting – maybe the answer is for these folk to continue their dialogue ‘off group’ to avoid the “turn off” for the remainder.

    Best wishes with your endeavours

    • George Backshall says:

      If anyone cares to read the postings you will notice that the thread on printers and printer inks has been reserected and gets tiresome. I’ll go to my settings and get a daily digest or weekly digest so I have delete fewer postings without bothering to read – or maybe just call the group quits and leave.

  4. Simon Taylor says:

    I feel that some of the discussions that have been deemed “off topic” are relevant. Backups and storage requirements for example, are different for photographers than say, someone developing computer code.

    Being able to exchange ideas in the context of a group of photographers, rather than a group of computer geeks (who seem to always select the most complicated solutions!) is very useful.

    I think the trap is that we consider the screen that we stare at to be part of the digital photography workflow. Well it is part of it. Monitors, speed of drives, memory all come into play to help and hinder our work. Computers are a necessary evil, some just find them more evil than others.

    Where is the line drawn? When Lightroom (which we can discuss) can be enhanced and made more usable by fitting more memory, hybrid drives etc (which we can’t discuss). Then, Lightroom can manage archives (which again, we can’t discuss). So, to follow the letter of the law as it stands is very difficult. Oh, and it’s cross-platform – but we daren’t even mention that one!

  5. Firstly I have no intention of unsubscribing to the site, I find it very interesting at times and sometimes a little irritating (and only a little), when I have to keep deleting emails about hardware and software technicalities that apply to any use of a computer and not directly about issues with digital imaging. I rarely make comments or ask questions but most of the issues are interesting. As a Mac user for many years I seem to have experienced less problems with the operating system and general operating procedures that Windows users keep commenting on (sorry Tony!), and have, so far, no problems with viruses.

    Overall, you are all out there with various amounts of skills and experiences of digital imaging that will always be useful to someone at some point so lets keep it going the way it is and perhaps allow a little deviation from the main subjects if it helps, but try and keep to the guidelines and if you don’t like the subject, just hit delete.

    It’s meant to be an enjoyable hobby so let’s concentrate on taking great pictures and be thankful Tony provides a good way to get help when we need it!

    Dave Brooker

  6. Veronica Barrett says:

    I agree with both Trevor Roberts and Chris Skinner. Leave well enough alone and see what happens. Most discussions blow themselves out after a very short while and the discussions of yesterday went on for an unusually long time. If you feel that a discussion is becoming chit-chat, you could always intervene as Moderator and pull it back to the main subject or kill it altogether. I do feel that, with the best will in the world, any discussion on DI could stray into computer-related matters due to its very nature.

    With all best wishes,

    Veronica (Roni) Barrett

  7. Clive Tanner says:

    Good morning Tony and I trust you are well despite the current AMDIG controversy.
    I believe that your core objectives are entirely reasonable and should continue; however, there are many queries that arise which AMDIG members are well able to help with which probably will not upset too many. Should such a topic become too absorbing, controvertial or unpopular then the Moderator can intervene. I feel that like many other forums AMDIG should be inclusive.

    Kind regards


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